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The TRANSCALOR - Distance Holders

The TRANSCALOR-distance holders are used whenever the accessory heating pipe is not run directly along the medium pipe but is supposed to run at a specific distance from the medium pipe.

Frequently, such a design is made whenever pipelines with acids or alkaline solutions are to be heated in order to ensure that the products are not overheated be the temperature of a trace heating pipe being run directly along these pipelines.

But other applications also exist. Service use can, for example, also be carried out whenever the trace heating pipe is not supposed to be resting against the product pipe for reasons of corrosion protection. This prevents potential crevice corrosion.

Special cases of application continue to exist for the TRANSCALOR distance holders whenever other tubes are supposed to run parallel to the medium pipe, such as transmitter tubes or control cables.

The TRANSCALOR distance holders are designed as shaped rubber parts. They are pushed between the trace heating pipe and the medium pipe at any place desired and ensure that a constant distance is maintained between the pipelines.

Trace heating pipe coducted in the TRANSCALOR - Distance Holder

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The All-Purpose TRANSCALOR - Distance Holders WK and TS

The two types of TRANSCALOR distance holders WK and TS truly deserve the designation "all-purpose". They are very similar with respect to their sructural design and application.

Type "WK"

The "universal genius" is the distance holder type "WK". This distance holder is suitable for all common trace heating pipes with an outer diameter of 1/2" to 1". This will cover almost any requirements.

Its protected structural design (*) makes this distance holder unmistakably distinctive. Using a clamping mechanism, this distance holder can be conveniently clamped down on the trace heating pipe even when a form of support is not yet available on the product pipe. Accordingly, this makes it easy to prepare the installation work first and complete it later.

Type "TS"

The TRANSCALOR distance holder type "TS" is more than just the little brother of the "WK". Although quite similar to the bigger "WK" in terms of the structural design (*) and the material, this distance holder is also an interesting possibility for applications that involve more than simply straightforward heating processes.

The TRANSCALOR distance holder "TS" has been developed for pipelines with a diameter of 8 to 15 mm (tubes). Accordingly, this distance holder also possesses further advantages. This can, for example, include running the transmitter tubes along the pipelines.

Otherwise, the installation advantages and temperature ranges of the "WK" also apply to this type of distance holder.

(*) protection of registered utility models

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Overview of Types - TRANSCALOR Distance Holders

TRANSCALOR distance holders are available for various application areas, various pipe diameters and different temperature requirements.

As in case of the TRANSCALOR tracing rail, they are not dependent on the size of the product pipe but fit there perfectly for most conceivable nominal diameters.

However, each type of distance holder always guarantees a constant distance between the medium pipe and the trace heating pipe or the pipeline otherwise run in the TRANSCALOR distance holder.

The table below provides an overview of our currently available distance holders that can be supplied at any time:


Outer diameter of trace pipe





1/2 " - 1"

  TRANSCALOR distance holder WK


200 °C


8 - 15 mm

  TRANSCALOR distance holder TS Yes

200 °C


3/4 "

TRANSCALOR distance holder  BO


110 °C


1/2 "

  TRANSCALOR distance holder SH No

130 °C

If you have other requests for your distance holders, please speak to us. We will gladly help you find the right structural design for your distance holder.

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TRANSCALOR Distance Holders
The Most Important Product Advantages at a Glance
  • Simplified installation at any place.
  • Suitable fo all common trace pipes of 8 mm to 1".
  • Constant distance maintained at all times even in case of medium pipes with different nominal diameters.
  • No electric conductivity between trace heating pipe and medium pipe.
  • Type "WK" and "TS" with patented clamping device.

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