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electrical heating


Electrical Heating at TRANSCALOR

Heat carrier media such as steam or heating oil for operating the trace heating system are not always available. It is then necessary to fall back on the use of other heating methods, wehreby the electrical heating method plays an important role.

Electrical heating systems are used not only in the area of industrial plants but also in many other cases, e. g. as a means of providing frost protection in water pipelines or waste water pipelines.

TRANSCALOR Verkaufskontor GmbH will supply you with all the components you will require for the installation of an electrical trace heating system.

In case your heating system still remains to be planned according to power engeneering requirements, we will gladly help you.

Normally, we require the following information from you in order to be able to design your electrical heating system:

  • Type of medium to be heated.
  • Retention temperature of the medium.
  • Nominal diameter of product pipeline.
  • Thickness of the insulation of the product pipe.
  • Minimum external temperature for the design.
  • Operation in a workshop or outdoors.
  • Information on operating mode (continuous heating, intermittent frost protection, etc.)

As soon as your information is available to us, we will gladly submit our offer to you.

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Installation Information on Electrically Operated Trace Heating Systems

In the following text, we would like to give you some useful information on the installation of electrical trace heating systems:

A) Temperature regulator and terminal box

The temperature regulator and the terminal box are installed at their designated location first. The attachment of the temperature sensors is dependent on the type of installation of the heater bands.

In case of a parallel installation of the heater band, aluminium adhesive tape is used to fasten the sensor on the pipeline at some distance from the heater band.

Installation of a temerature sensor.

If the heater bands have been wrapped around the product pipe in the form of a spiral, it is important to make sure that the sensor is not covered by a heater band. ( Exception in the case of plastic pipes: Here the temperature sensor must be fitted underneath the heating cable.)

Installation of a thermostat.

Note: It is important to ensure that each thermostat is equipped with an appropriate fuse.

B) Installation of heating cables and heater bands

Generally, it must be ensured that the heating cables and heater bands do not cross over or lie on top one another.

In the case of parallel installation, the heating cables should be fastened at least every 300 mm with aluminium adhesive tape.

Parallel installation of heating cables.

If several parallel running heat conductors are being used, these conductors must then be installed at a sufficient distance from one another:

Installation of more than one heating cable.

In the case of spiral-shaped installation, the heating cables should be fastened at least every 1000 mm with aluminium adhesive tape:

Spiral shaped installation of heating cables

The gradient must remain constant over the entire length of the pipe.

C) Installation in case of available steam heating

If and when requested, electrical heating cables can also be installed for steam heating systems

In these cases, the heating cables are never allowed to be installed in spiral form in order to avoid coming into contact with the steam heating system. Instead, a single or double parallel installation is recommended.

Combination of heating pipe with electrical heating

D) Further information

Following the installation of the thermal insulation, the continuity and insulation resistance of the heating cables must be checked again and the indentification stickers then be attached accordingliy.

In addition to these instructions, any other applicable regulations must be strictly observed.

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Overview of the Delivery Programme

You can purchase virtually all the components you will require for your electrical heating system from TRANSCALOR Verkaufskontor GmbH.

The following list gives you an overview of the individual components:

  • Resistance heating cable
  • Self-limiting heater bands
  • Aluminium adhesive tape
  • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature regulator
  • Connection kits
  • End caps
  • Branch pieces
  • Identification stickers
  • and much more

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Complete service for electrical heating
  • Solutions even when heat carrier media such as steam or heating oil are not available.
  • Design for electrical trace heating systems.
  • Components for a complete installation of an electrical heating system.
  • Combination with the TRANSCALOR - heat conducting cement possible.

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